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Isis and the Seven Scorpions


Isis went into hiding from Set, 'cause Set's a bad dude. She got seven scorpions to protect her, 'cause scorpions are badder dudes.

As she travelled, she stopped at a rich woman's house to sleep. The rich lady saw all the scorpions, and slammed the door in Isis's face. It is kind of understandable, since scorpions are bad dudes, as we discussed. But the scorpions were kind of pissed about it. After Isis settled in with another woman who was poor and nice ('cause all poor people always the sweetest), the scorpions went back to the rich lady, and poisoned her son. Seriously, scorpion dudes, you're the worst.

When Isis heard the boy crying, she removed the poison. Then the rich woman felt bad for some reason, and gave her house to the poor lady.

What's the moral of this story? I have no idea.


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