Holy Bibble

Isis and Osiris


Osiris is the ruler of Egypt (having received the kingship from Ra). Set doesn't like that, so he kills him. Many times, in many different ways.

Isis goes to look for Osiris. She finds him, and restores his body. But he's a mummy, cause Egypt. Then she gets super necrophilic, and goes at it with her mummy husband. But he's not like Arnold Vosloo hot or anything, he's like the freaking Crypt Keeper. Bleh.

Then Isis has Horus. She might have been a bird when she copulated with mummy-Osiris, so I GUESS that explains the whole Horus-bird thing. There's also a thing about Osiris's penis, which may or may not have been eaten by a fish? But, come on, WHY? Why are we talking about Osiris's dismembered corpse penis?