Holy Bibble

Anath and Aqhat


Anath is supposed to get a bow (made by Kothar-wa-Khasis), but a mortal king's son gets it instead. Anath, being a totally chill goddess, doesn't unleash vengeance on the mortal prince, but instead tries to buy her own bow from him. He denies her! Even when she offers him immortality! Then he has the gall to tell her that women can't even use bows. Hasn't this dude seen Hunger Games??

Anath complains to El, and eventually sends her servant in the form of a hawk to knock the breath out of the stupid prince. However, her servant accidentally kills the prince and drops the bow into the sea. The prince's younger sister hires a mercenary to find her brother's murderer, but in a surprising twisty twist, learns that the very same mercenary she hires is her brother's killer!! Step aside, M. Night Shyamalan!