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A Hymn to Nanshe


There's a city that's pretty tight called Lagash. Nanshe went to that city, and when she did, food and water just started popping up everywhere. Like magic!

Nanshe's pretty cool too. She cares for orphans, widows, refugees, etc. Just by hanging out with them, they're suddenly overwhelmed with food, money, houses, you name it! She also made Gudea the king of Lagash. She granted him badass powers, and he had a festival held in her honor.

People came from far and wide to give her crap (even though—being the badass daughter of badass Enki—she was a goddess and could have given herself crap, but it's the thought, right?)

Since she was a total badass goddess, there were rules that had to be abided by to keep her apeased. If people didn't follow those rules, the most horrible of punishments were exacted upon them. Like getting FIRED. Or NOT getting BONUSES! It was pretty strict...

There was also this dude, Hendursaja, who takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting. He fights for justice, and carries out punishment against those who do not fight for justice. But really, he's not that important. It's mostly about Nanshe. She's awesome. She's tops. In fact, she can even SEE INTO YOUR HEART. She knows if you're good or bad just by LOOKING at you. She's SO POWERFUL. As powerful as Enlil for sure.

No. NO. She's MORE powerful than Enlil. OR ANYONE.



Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature